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Why blog?



The other day, one of my students made a video and confidently circulated around. It gives chilling details of how severely your body gets affected if you drink water in a standing position. Yes, the horror on your face is somewhat similar to what was on mine when I saw the video. I don’t know about you but I was shocked at the arrogance of the ignorant. Because the information has no corroboration by any expert or research study and thus not validated. For someone like me, who has been in the field of wellness by way of teaching and writing books on the subject since last three decades, I speak/write after reading and learning about the subject matter from appropriate authorities or sources. I have been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council of Exercise, the Aerobic and Fitness association of America and the Pilates UK Institute. I’ve been felicitated with an honorary PhD Doctorate from KEISIE International University, Korea. In addition, i am a wellness consultant at a premier hospital in Mumbai, Bombay Hospital and a consultant to the Food Safety Standard Authority of India. The reason I gave a sneak peek to my endorsements is because, this is my first blog, therefore i would like readers to understand why I am starting a blog at all since I already have a website and twelve best- selling books on health and fitness.


I believe it is time for me to write a blog to effectively communicate. There are lots of misinformation like the one served by one of my students that are increasingly been dished out and people with no time at hand often consume it without checking on what is being served. Through my blog, I want to raise an awareness as much for validated data as for promoting health and wellness. To ensure authenticity to the data provided on this blog, I have given a few endorsements so that the readers know who is giving the data, what is her standing in this field. Secondly, I will not just give the necessary information, but at times where needed, latest updates, debunking myths and setting up standards for fitness regimes. Since I globe trot a lot, I will also bring the international flavour to my blog by talking about what is happening across the world. I will not just talk about health and fitness and nutrition but also on etiquette. Knowledge of food is as much important as eating habits and manners. Knowledge of what ingredients go to make your food is as important as what ingredients go to make your cutleries. All these will also be there in my blog. Last but not the least, there will be a quick fitness recipe attested with every blog.


I will start with breathing for my first recipe mantra. When you are disturbed over an incident or had a tiff with a person or are very anxious for some reason, simply breathe deep and slow. Very soon, you will find yourself at peace.